in Dallas

Most people don’t think about their last data backup until their drive fails or they’re affected by the latest ransomeware virus.  Automatically protect your business data, family photos, or critical applications.  Create a data recovery plan that can protect you from virtually any data loss scenario!

I know, I know you were going to get around to backup up your computer.  Half Price Geeks has been happily providing local Dallas Data Backup Solutions for the last 16 years!  Our Data backup geeks are here to provide you with a custom backup solution, and help with any of your computer repair needs!


Backup Options Available

  • Local & Cloud Backups
  • Server Backups
  • Web Access to Files
  • Federal Compliance for data backup & encryption
  • Multiple Computer Backups
  • Protection from Ransomeware threats

Protect your desktop computer from data loss today! Got a virus on your Mac?  Then what are you waiting for?  Call us now!  Our Mac geeks are skilled at removing Mac malware and virus infections.  Now that you know your Mac can get a virus, we will show you how to keep it protected from future infections.  Call the computer repair experts we’re happy to help you!  

  • Create multiple backups of your data
  • Store your data backups in multiple locations
  • Create an automated backup schedule
  • Perform a complete system image of your computer